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The digital "Gift Card" is available and chargeable with a preset value or a value of your choice on the website. It can be used by the Buyer or a third party to purchase any product on the website, except for additional Gift Cards, until its value is exhausted. The Gift Card is not nominative. The Buyer may purchase one or more Gift Cards for himself or give them to a third party. The purchased Gift Card cannot be recharged and must be used until the credit is exhausted exclusively for purchasing products - except for additional Gift Cards - through the website. The Gift Card, provided in digital form and sent via email, can be purchased on the website at the following link:

The Gift Card is valid for 12 (twelve) months from its purchase. The Gift Card's value can't be converted into cash, nor to a credit card or bank account.

The Gift Card given to a third party has the right to use until its value is exhausted, according to these conditions. The Buyer will indicate the recipient's email address in the form relating to the Gift Card for the third party. These data are processed exclusively to allow the Seller to send the Gift Card to the third party via email, its release and the fulfilment of the resulting services and obligations by the Seller. The Buyer is warned and declares to be aware that the incorrect indication of the email address of who will receive the Gift Card will make it impossible for the third party to obtain and use the Gift Card itself, without any responsibility for the Seller. At the end of the purchase procedure, the Buyer who has ordered one or more Gift Cards will receive an email confirming his order, containing the order number and the summary of the order placed.


How to use the Gift Card


Immediately after activation, the Gift Card is valid for purchasing any product on the website, including covering shipping costs and, if present and available on the website, greeting cards and gift boxes. The Gift Card cannot be used to purchase additional Gift Cards. The activation and use of the Gift Card don't have any extra cost. It is necessary to dial the Gift Card code in the appropriate field on the virtual shopping cart page. The Gift Card can be used for multiple purchases on the website until it expires. If the value of the order is higher than the credit available in the Gift Card, the remaining amount must be paid by the Buyer or by the third party with one of the payment methods available on the website. After the end of the term of validity (12 months), the Gift Card cannot be further used, and any remaining credit on the Gift Card will not be refunded. If one or more products paid (totally or partially) with a Gift Card are unavailable, the Seller will cancel the order and credit it back to the Gift Card. Any remaining sum paid with another means of payment will be returned through the same payment method selected by the Buyer at the time of order confirmation. The Buyer is warned and declares to be aware that knowledge of the Gift Card code allows it to be used by anyone through the website. This code must be diligently kept and guarded by the Buyer or any third party to which has been communicated. About the Gift Card, it is understood that between the Buyer or the third party to whom the Gift Card was given and the Seller, the information resulting from the records, including electronic records, of the Seller's sales system will be valid.


Right of withdrawal from the purchase of a Gift Card


The Purchaser has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract for a Gift Card, without any penalty, within 14 (fourteen) days from the purchase of the relative Gift Card, from the date of receipt of the activation e-mail of the Gift Card. The right of withdrawal referred to in this paragraph is expressly excluded if you use partially or entirely a Gift Card to purchase products on the website. To exercise the right of withdrawal, if the term referred to in the previous paragraph isn't ended and the Gift Card hasn't been used, partially or entirely, the Buyer must inform the Seller of his decision to withdraw by sending an explicit declaration through our Customer Services.

As stated in the previous paragraph, the Buyer will receive an email containing: the confirmation of the withdrawal and deactivation of the Gift Card, the order number from which the withdrawal is being made, the Gift Card code subject of withdrawal and deactivation - with the last characters obscured in case of purchase of a Gift Card for a third party, the expiry date and the value of the Gift Card. If the Client withdraws a Gift Card purchased for a third party, he will receive an email informing him of the deactivation of the Gift Card due to the Buyer's exercising the right of withdrawal. In the event of withdrawal, the payment made for the Gift Card purchase will be refunded to the Buyer as soon as possible and within 14 (fourteen) days from the communication of the desire to exercise the right of withdrawal. This refund will be made at the same payment method used by the Buyer to purchase the Gift Card unless the Buyer requests differently. In this case, any additional costs will be on the Buyer due to reimbursement through different payment means.


Right of withdrawal from the purchase made with a Gift Card


In case of purchase of one or more Products using a Gift Card, the Buyer will have the right to exercise the right of withdrawal. In such cases, the exercise of the right of withdrawal will affect the order; therefore, any products purchased must be returned.

In case the Buyer exercises the right of withdrawal relating to the purchase of products paid, partially or entirely, with Gift Card, the amount paid for the purchase will be re-credited on the Gift Card itself - and this will be spendable by the Buyer in the terms and conditions set out above - and any additional amount paid with one of the payment methods available on the website will be refunded to the Buyer unless he requests differently: in that case, any further costs will on the Buyer deriving from reimbursement through said different means of payment.