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About Martino Midali



Who is Martino Midali?

Martino Midali was born in the province of Lodi on May 4, 1952. At a young age, he moved to Milan and, after various jobs, began climbing into the world of fashion, becoming one of the leading designers on the national scene with the homonymous fashion brand. "I wanted to find a job that was a way of life, an activity that would allow me to be happy. That's why I started designing T-shirts. I certainly didn't think of setting up a company like this ".

A trendsetter in the use of knitwear and jersey to make jackets, skirts and trousers, he has always supported the elastic waistband. He has changed the perception of clothing for an increasingly large female audience.

"I don't just sell a dress, but a shape to wear and decode". "I am a romantic and an instinctive person. I love my job, and I am passionate about the women who wear my clothes ".

Today, after 40 years of absolute dedication to his work and a good dose of concreteness, he continues to create with a precise contemporary and very recognizable style, taking care of every detail.

This strength is rewarded daily by the women who call him “the King of the shirt, the Wizard of the t-shirt”.



"Is not the dress that dresses women, but it is the women who dress my dress. Logically, I propose my style, but it is a style adaptable to theirs. The women who wear Midali do not wear one of my garments, but they decode it. The same dress is different depending on the woman who dresses it ".

Martino Midali


Suggest a taste, a philosophy, without imposing dogmas: a fashion for all women of all ages and sizes.



Every woman can be a Midali customer. The stylistic choices, the size plan (from XS to XL), the offer of fabrics, the deconstructed cuts, and the wearability adaptations̀ of the collections are the principles for which the Martino Midali collections have a referential target that ranges unconditionally by age, style, size, cultural level.

A fashion for all women. A democratic fashion.

Our communication follows the brand's multi-target approach by involving different testimonials based on the specific advertising campaign and the target audience of women. Thus, young models are supported by institutional communication with divas from the world of cinema and television: women icons and symbols of the values that have always distinguished the brand.




Martino Midali

A functional, informal, casual collection in which clothing follows the lines of the body and redesigns them. Contemporary and overlapping garments play with lengths and asymmetries, with colour combinations that make a modern total look.




Midali Toujour

A collection of soft lines and wide shapes set on the realistic, natural volumes of the female body. The cuts are destructured with studied geometries that guarantee a 100% perfect fit.





The youngest soul of the Martino Midali brand, born in 2019 from the talented hands of our dedicated creative team that, starting from the history and iconic items of the main brand, reinterpreted them in a contemporary version.