Valentine's Day love t-shirt made in collaboration with Emiliano Cavalli - Esc76, the Artist of Hearts


Love is a perfect equation that has its own mathematics. And chemistry has nothing to do with it, it's all about feelings. And style. The one of Martino Midali who encloses his formula of love in a T-shirt that literally measures the weight of the heartbeat.


A special computation that the brand wisely reports on the soft silhouette of its viscose jersey t-shirt that becomes an emotional and meaningful slate to say I love you on Valentine's Day and any other day of the year. Because one adds and takes away, divides and multiplies: at the end of the day, all that stays is love.


The heart is the centrepiece which, in the computation of those calculations that, when combined and with no rules, give the result of love, embraces colours, patterns and iconic icons to represent the exact formula of the emotion.


'Hearts. Hearts that grow and loves that are hidden; hearts that are broken and pieces that make up a heart. Hearts are the safety zone where dreams become strength and sharp edges draw flat backgrounds, not to hold colour but to enhance it".


Hearts are signed by Emiliano Cavallini - Esc76, an eclectic creative 'Artist of Hearts' who goes from painting to photography, from graphics to design, never losing sight of contemporary art trends, and whom Martino Midali has chosen to give shape to his vision of love.


The Valentine's Day T-shirt designed by Martino Midali is available in a limited edition online and in our boutiques in two different colours, white and black.