MARTINO MIDALI WOMEN'S STORIES_ The brand continues its celebration of the female universe with a collection starring models and ordinary women who, in the contemporary Midali style, find their essence.

Tuesday 20th February 2024 h12.00 - Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica - Sala delle Colonne

The feminine essence is a versatile, multifaceted style concentrate in which every woman recognises herself and finds her DNA. Far from compromise and true one belief, the authenticity. Martino Midali has translated this vision into an inclusive and democratic fashion, designed for all women who wear his creations conceived as a manifesto, on them and for them. Precisely as in the FW24 collection featured on the catwalk of Milano Moda Donna, not just worn by models but, as usual, also by 6 everyday women, all different but all united by the choice to dress Martino Midali in their daily lives.

The 1970s enclosed in a coat. Starting with Midali's signature outerwear, a journey through creative suggestions whose shapes and colours become style tout court and explore the lines until they drift over, the one most appropriate to the brand's world. Coats as well as overcoats flirt with silhouettes - more relaxed and fluid next to more slim and belted ones that embrace the figure; tartan textures that soften the most rigorous design; boldly 70s in the bright red, and definitely sophisticated thanks to the texture details. The irresistible allure of Midali's signature essentials lands on knitwear, which takes on gentle, flowing shapes, enchanting itself with the layering of soft, swappable layers, opening up to new interpretations, like the jacket and bellows skirt combo.Smoothness is also the textural direction of the jersey and the heavy, boiled wool, dishevelled fabrics and denim as well as coloured faux fur. The palette is delicate and cosy and chooses between sugar paper blue and grey, striped black&white, fruity cherry, black and red, and soft cream.

An all-female tale in which the core is given by the women who, by dressing Martino Midali, have written a chapter of their personal story. Starting with the volcanic Gisella Borioli, who has made art the centre of her life and of what she wears, and Chiara Ferella Falda whose boundless creativity can be found right in the sophisticated garments of her everyday clothing. Passion is the driving force behind the existence of Danila Torcoli, who has reinvented herself as an aerial athlete by privileging the softness of the brand, and of Barbara Cardamone, designer of treasured jewellery, witness to a femininitỳ aware of the present but fascinated by the past, enclosed in special pieces that exalt imperfections as proof of the uniqueness of the material and of an entirely handmade manufacture.There is also Giovanna Bianchi, who puts her traveller's spirit into the details of what she wears, and the taste for design of Elisabetta Negri D'Oleggio, who recognises herself in the defined lines of the brand's proposals.

The Martino Midali FW24_25 collection is then made special by the hats designed by Alessandro Finessi, exclusive pieces created with the same textures as the garments on the catwalk and born under the sign of those concepts of craftsmanship, tailoring and uniqueness that have permitted the creative artist to impose his art.